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Credit Cards :)

I say on this site to notify me in advance if you wish to use a credit card (or paypal). I guess that confused someone and he thought 'advance' meant when I was already on my way there. LOL Just FYI. I mean when we are first communicating or something close to that. Not when I have already set out to see you or are a minute away from that. :) Read more

Subject Line: FAQ :)

If you just have a FAQ question, let me know on the 'Contact Form'.  Read more

A New FAQ Section

This appears to be the best I can do for a FAQ page. So, ask me anything and I'll post it here ASAP. :)

Hey. It'll get me blogging more. LOL

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References :(

I will still take newbies under consideration (I've met some wonderful newbie guys) but, I'm going to have to be less lenient on screening, than before.

I was recently a victim of a bad client and this is forcing me to start requesting references. This is something I did not push before.

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