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Happy National Dessert Day!

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A Non-Negotiable Donation

I can't believe I have to say this but, Non-Negotiable means 'Non-Negotiable'. Or if I mention it's a flat donation. 

Someone called me out tonight and said that $300 was fine. Then he later says he wants to skip out early, will ONLY give half the donation. I remind him of what we talked of and he starts arguing with me. He even said he had went through this website. So, what was the rate issue?

I am sorry but, Non-Negotiable means 'Non-Negotiable'. I'll say it over and over....

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A New Newsletter

It appears that the webmaster has added a newsletter function to websites, such as mine. Any page in which you scroll to the bottom of, will give you opportunity to sign up for it. This lets you know whenever I make updates, etc.... :) Read more

Are You a Craigslist Follower?

If you are, just to let you know any posting you see of me on Craigslist is not from me. 

Some miserable person used my email address to set up an ad promising illegal and outrageous junk. 

I would not do that. Just wanted to get the message across. :)

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